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Our company is PWAN HOMES LIMITED and is an acronym for Property world African Network, Home Ownership Made Easy Scheme.

PWAN HOMES LTD is a property marketing and information company located in Lekki, Lagos. We are into making home ownership dream a reality for all.

We discover where affordable and fast developing lands are located and make these known to the public. We also show you ways of conveniently and comfortably financing your private property through a very budget friendly manner.

Who we are

PWAN HOMES is a consulting firm in real estate offering quality, transparent choices, both in the types of services that you can receive and how those services can be paid for, with a mission to bring service, value and care to our residents.

PWAN HOMES strives to be the best owner and operator of multi-family apartment buildings and large hectares of lands within the communities we serve.

At PWAN HOMES, our residents and plot owners rest comfortably knowing they are in the hands of caring professionals.

To make home ownership dream a reality.

To discover affordable lands in fast developing areas and make these to you and aslo show you how you can make money to buy land and build your own home.


We employ a most diverse group of consultants and value the benefits this brings. We respect the human rights of our employees and strive to provide them with safe working conditions.
PWAN HOMES promote and develop customer satisfaction through our consultants and give them channels to report concerns.


If you are considering purchasing an investment property, PWAN HOMES real estate and Property Management team will analyze the property for you creating a plan projecting long term appreciation and a positive cash flow.
When you are ready to sell, our team of consultants at PWAN HOMES will find that qualified investor or buyer for your property.

Why choose us?
Presently, we are offering a range of property options to individuals as well as corporate organizations desirous of maximising staff potentials by acquiring land for Staff Housing Purposes.
As regards acquiring land for Staff Housing Schemes, we have an efficient and workable existing formula that we are currently employing. With this plan, deductions are made from staff salary on a monthly basis as repayment to your company after they must have financed the purchase of the property (this of course is open for discussions). It is pertinent to add here that our company (PWAN Homes Limited) has a very flexible payment plan.
Benefits accruable to your Organization are innumerable, some of which are:

  • Highly motivated staff due to settled housing issue.
  • Highest level of staff commitment to achieving corporate goals, resulting in increased output of production.
  • Increased overall company profit from full capacity utilization of focused staff.
  • Highly motivated workforce.
  • 100% staff loyalty to company. etc

Here are some Mouth-Watering Information about Ibeju-Lekki Local Government that will interest you:

Shortage of Land in Major Areas
Properties, both residential and commercial within the Lekki-Ajah area is reducing, mainly due to land shortage. However, Developers are forced to move towards Ibeju-Lekki, this will naturally fast track the appreciation of properties in Ibeju-lekki as demand from developers for available and relatively cheap land increases.

Ongoing Expansion of the Lekki-Epe Expressway 
The on-going expansion of the existing Epe Expressway that links Victoria Island and Lekki to Epe with an additional coastal road and a Marina, will further open up the neighbourhoods of the Lekki Corridor, of which Ibeju-Lekki forms a great part. This means that there will be a steady and guaranteed appreciation of property values.

Hosting of Major Infrastructure
Ibeju-Lekki hosts several infrastructures like the New Lagos International Airport, Deep Seaport, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refinery and link with the proposed 4th Mainland Bridge. These infrastructures will automatically boost economic activities, multiply the population and hence increase demand for land within the axis and also open you to a world of investment opportunities.

Departure to Olojola Energy Hub 
The Olokola Energy project including Refinery and petrochemical plants, being developed by the Dangote Group, and to be delivered in less than 3 years in the Olokola FTZ in Ondo and Ogun states, is expected to become the energy hub of West Africa.

The recently approved coastal highway that would connect the Lekki-Epe Expressway and link the Lekki FTZ at Ibeju-Lekki to Olokola FTZ to harness the deep sea port will open up Ibeju-Lekki and drive the values of properties.

On-Going Construction of West Africa Gas Pipeline 
The on-going construction of the West Africa gas pipeline project in Ibeju-Lekki LGA by the Federal Government will serve the energy needs of the industrial and residential occupants of this axis.
So, you see, investing in lands in this part of the world-Lagos; IBEJU LEKKI will make you financially independent.
Land Investment has been helping people to be wealthy and smiling to the bank, more fortunes have been made by owning lands than any other investment in Lagos, especially on the island.


Our Real Estate business undertakes the buying, selling, renting or leasing of land or buildings (housing). We have various estates at various stages of development in the Ibeju-Lekki axis of Lagos. We are a Real Estate and Development Company with the aim of satisfying all your housing needs. The services offered by our firm which we believe will be of immense benefit to you or your organization include but are not limited to the following:
– Letting/Leasing
– Sales of Lands & Housing Properties 
– Investment Advice/Consultancy 
– Property/Facility Management 
– Estate Development.


Our professional departments are manned by qualified and experienced real estate personnel, estate surveyors and valuers, supported by equally experienced and efficient administrative and technical staff, and as a team we render the best of services to our clients. This is only achieved through TEAMWORK as defined by us to mean: Together Everyone Achieves More.


Our primary role is to determine the boundary of real properties and establish the registered survey copy of the land in question.
PWAN HOMES offers a comprehensive range of land and engineering surveying services oriented towards both the public and private sector. We are experts in Topographical Land Surveys and Building Elevations and Plans. We are also specialists in Boundary Surveys.

We have been surveying for over 10 years and in challenging times for a new start up business, it was this service that has built the company over the years.

Our experienced land surveyors have a wealth of surveying knowledge that they have amassed over many years in all aspects of surveying.


We conduct seminars and trainings relating to real estate and Information Marketing. We use such seminars to educate the public on the need for them to own properties and develop these properties as a means to creating wealth for themselves and generations after them.
PWAN HOMES has set new trends through seminars and trainings in the real estate industry, with a firm commitment to achieve excellence in every project it undertakes. We are relentless in fashioning new concepts by seminars and trainings and giving our clients what they expect.
As an organization, we endeavor to accomplish unmatched feats in the real estate domain.
Under the adept guidance of its enormously experienced and talented professionals, the organization accentuates on superior quality in every construction, timely completion, modern amenities, and tidy surroundings to delight our clients.

  • – Property Maintenance & Management Training

Our seminars and trainings has a full compilation of local and easy to access personal or professional development skills to quench your thirst for knowledge. These seminars will give them the tools to expand their horizons and build a solid foundation for a wonderful future.

At PWAN HOMES, we hope to make our seminars and trainings an enjoyable experience, that is quick and painless, providing you all the information you need to make an informed decision on the best properties you need.


Apart from managing your property, we also offer tenant placement, credit screening, maintenance, property inspections and collections.

Real estate Property management and vacation rentals carry a personal risk. Many law suits filed by tenants are from preventable issues that an experienced property manager is more inclined to be able to mitigate.

We ensure that your property is in compliance with the laws and regulations on the local, state and federal level.


Our consulting firm (real estate) offers quality, transparent choices, both in the types of services that you can receive and how those services can be paid for.

PWAN HOMES is one of the most prominent and highly recognized Real Estate Consultants delivering professional services in Real estate sector in the Country and we boast of having wide specialization and expertise in residential and commercial projects which makes us one of the most sought after and highly recommended real estate consultancy in this part of the world.

We offer our esteemed clients the best service and thereby making their experience with us – a cherished moment..

Our Sole Partner


If you are considering purchasing an investment property, PWAN HOMES real estate and Property Management team will analyze the property for you creating a plan projecting long term appreciation and a positive cash flow. When you are ready to sell, our team of consultants at PWAN HOMES will find that qualified investor or buyer for your property.

Call: +234 0803 538 3441

Email: admin@pwanhomesltd.com

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